Anti Nowhere League

Genre Punk
Country England
Years active 1980 -



Anti-Nowhere League (ANL) is a punk rock band that formed in London, England, in 1980. The band consists of lead vocalist and lyricist Animal, guitarist Magoo, bassist Shady, and drummer Tommy Couch. ANL's sound is heavily influenced by punk rock, with elements of hard rock and heavy metal. They are known for their aggressive and confrontational lyrics, as well as their rebellious attitude towards authority.

The band's debut album, "We Are... The League," was released in 1982 on their own record label, WXYZ Records. The album featured controversial songs such as "So What" and "Woman," which led to it being banned by several major record stores in the UK. Despite the controversy, the album's popularity grew through word-of-mouth, and it became a cult classic in the punk rock community.

ANL's follow-up album, "Live in Yugoslavia," was recorded during the band's tour of Eastern Europe in 1983. The album showcased the band's high-energy live performances and helped solidify their reputation as a must-see live act.

In 1985, ANL released their third album, "The Perfect Crime." The album featured a more polished sound than their previous releases, and it received mixed reviews from both fans and critics. However, the album's single, "For You," became a hit in the UK and helped to broaden the band's fan base.

Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, ANL continued to release albums and tour extensively. In 1996, the band released "Scum," which featured a return to their punk rock roots and received positive reviews from both fans and critics.

ANL's most recent studio album, "The Cage," was released in 2016. The album marked a departure from their traditional sound, with the band incorporating elements of electronic and industrial music. The album received mixed reviews, but it showcased ANL's willingness to experiment and push boundaries.

Despite various lineup changes over the years, ANL has remained a prominent figure in the punk rock scene. The band's confrontational lyrics and rebellious attitude have continued to resonate with fans, and their live shows are still known for their high-energy and anarchic nature.

In addition to their music, ANL has also been involved in various political and social causes throughout their career. They have been outspoken critics of censorship and government oppression, and they have supported organizations such as the Anti-Fascist Action and the Anti-Nazi League.

Anti-Nowhere League is a punk rock band that has been a fixture in the UK punk scene for over 40 years. They are known for their confrontational lyrics, high-energy live shows, and rebellious attitude towards authority. Despite various lineup changes and shifts in musical direction, ANL has remained true to their punk rock roots and continues to inspire and entertain fans around the world.

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